oh my god. SAME. I’ve read a few Kurtbastian fics and they’re so good but then Klaine and it breaks my heart to read it …even if Kurtbastian happens and it’s wonderful.


sometimes it’s easier if klaine wasn’t together in the first place in kurtbastian fics

also i know you replied cheyenne. i know your secrets.

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  1. tuggeyjones said: xD you caught me. also, i agree with you. it would be easier if klaine wasn’t together at first, but i’ll take what i can get. :P
  2. dinklagesass said: YES. I hate it when the writer makes Blaine into this awful person because I really do love Blaine…I just happen to also love Kurtbastian. it’s so much nicer without the mention of a breakup or anything negative between the three of them.
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